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Newsletter 06/21/2023 WSJ Article Favorable to LTC Insurance Sales


Just Published: WSJ Article

Favorable to LTC Insurance

Sales Idea:

Use the FREE permalink to forward the article to appropriate clients and/or their kids.  Do it today, before your competitors do. Start, or rekindle, a conversation about the peace of mind – and tax benefits – a properly structured LTC insurance policy provides.

Remember: ONLY cash-out indemnity style policies can be used to reimburse neighbors, friends, or family with tax-free LTC benefits.

The most common caregiver is a family member, usually a daughter. Can your clients’ LTC insurance policies be used to reimburse her for reduced hours at work? What about her reduced retirement plan contributions?  Or, will she have to quit her job completely to move closer to mom, or dad?

CPS Advantage can assist you and your clients with a variety of cash-out indemnity-style LTC policies.  Benefits can be used to pay family, friends, or neighbors.  This includes the just released survivorship life option from a highly rated brand name mutual life insurer.  Connect with your Case Design Specialist or request a call back to start a conversation.  Let’s make sure your clients have the best available coverage.

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