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Newsletter 07/10/23 How to Leave Your Grandkids Your Retirement Savings – And Not a Huge Tax Bill


New WSJ Article / Conversation Starter

“How to Leave Grandkids Your Retirement Savings – and Not a Huge Tax Bill”

Executive Summary:  

This 09/09/2023 Wall Street Journal article educates readers about opportunities to restructure unneeded retirement savings accounts to minimize future taxes for grandchildren.

This article does not discuss insurance.  However, since it is relevant to your affluent clients, you can forward it to start a conversation about tax mitigation strategies.  As part of that dialogue, you’ll have the opportunity to educate them about the upcoming changes to estate taxes.  Offer to help your wealthiest clients avoid that voluntary tax of $400,000 per $1M of wealth.  For additional information, visit Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning Resources.

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