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Concierge Application Services

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Our Concierge Applications Services Team makes it fast and easy for you to place life insurance on your clients.  They offer to:

You and your teams no longer have to deal with each carrier’s quirky applications, supplementary forms, underwriting requirements, and procedures.  Selling life insurance has never been easier!  Concierge services are available for cases with a commissionable premium of at least $2,000 for producers with a placement ratio of 80% or higher.

How Does It Work?

  1. You and your client decide to apply for $X amount of life insurance with Y insurer
  2. You introduce us to your client and inform them that a Concierge Application Specialist will be in touch (you’ll have a name, phone, email)
  3. Application Specialist calls, texts, or emails the applicant within 48 hours to set a 10 minute appointment to take the app
  4. Application Specialist connects with the applicant to initiate the app
  5. E-signature requests via DocuSign are sent to the applicant and to you
  6. Application Specialist orders age and amount requirements (e.g. paramedical exam, APSs); educates applicant how to optimize results
  7. Application Specialist nudges app toward approval as quickly as possible, updating you along the way
  8. Application Specialist confirms the underwriting offer and communicates it to you; we’ll recommend alternatives if approved other than applied
  9. You confirm the amount of coverage, type, and structure prior to policy issue
  10. Application Specialist initiates policy issue based on your instructions
  11. Application Specialist activates the policy on your behalf
  12. We confirm policy placement at the carrier and commission release to you
Are you working on an app right now where you could begin to take advantage of this opportunity?  Let’s discuss & get started.
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