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To submit an application to an insurer, you must be appointed with that carrier in the state where you take the application. This page links you to resources you may need.  You can download a printable PDF version of this page here.  Appointment requests can often be submitted at the time you submit the application.  However, a few states and some insurers require you to become appointed before you can sign, date, and submit an application; pre-appointment carriers and states are shown here.  To make it quick and easy for you to become appointed with multiple carriers in states when needed, we’ve subscribed to the industry’s leading licensing & contracting vendor, SureLC. To get set up:

  1. Log into CPS Advantage; if you are not yet signed up, you can register here.
  2. Once logged in, go to Application, Contracting, Forms & Quotes.  Click on the Contracting link to access the SureLC’s Portal.  If this is the first time you’re using SureLC, you’ll need to create your profile and upload several supporting documents:

Insurance License

Upload your resident state insurance license, and required non-resident licenses, if you are taking applications outside your home state.  You can obtain a copy of your license(s) at NIPR.  NIPR also makes it fast and easy for you to add non-resident licenses when you need them.

Anti-Money Laundering Certificate (AML)

The US Patriot Act requires insurers to confirm your AML training is up-to-date.  Most insurers accept LIMRA’s AML Certificate, which you can obtain here.

Errors & Omission Coverage (E&O)

Insurers require you provide proof of professional liability insurance coverage.  You do this by uploading your E&O Declaration page.  You can provide an Agency or Group Certificate but it must list your name as a covered individual.  If you need E&O coverage, you can purchase it from within the SureLC Portal (see the E&O tab of your Producer Profile), NAIFA, NAPA, or NAILBA.  To maintain continuous prior acts coverage, make sure you purchase E&O coverage before existing coverage expires.

Bank Account Information

All carriers require electronic commission payments via ACH/EFT.  Some insurers require a voided check or a letter from your financial institution that shows the ABA Routing Number and your Account Number.  You also need to indicate if the account is linked to your social security number or to an entity tax ID.  If you have a business account that is linked to your social security number, it is still considered a “personal account” for banking purposes.

IRS Taxpayer Verification Form W9

Regulations require financial institutions to ask for IRS Form W9.  You can download it here.


Feel free to reach out to one of our Marketing Representatives or send an email to Licensing with any questions about appointment requirements prior to dating an application.  Following are answers to common questions.

When do I need to get appointed with an insurer?

Most insurers require you to submit appointment papers at the time you submit an insurance application.  Some states and some insurers require you to be appointed before you can sign, date, and submit an application.  For a list of pre-appointment carriers and states, please click here.

How long does it take to become appointed?

It varies widely across carriers and state insurance departments.  Appointments can take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. For pre-appointment carriers and states, it’s important NOT to date applications prior to the date of your appointment.

What if I am already appointed with a carrier through another brokerage general agency?

Most insurers allow multiple concurrent appointments at different brokerage general agencies.  Some insurers make that super easy by just assigning an additional code.  Others require a second appointment.  Either way, SureLC enables you to request new appointments with a few mouse clicks.

How long does it take to get a non-resident license in another state?

You can easily request a new non-resident license via NIPR.  Most non-resident licenses are issued within 2 – 3 days.  Applications with “yes” responses on background questions take longer.

How can I have commissions to be paid to an agency or entity?

Both the writing agent and the agency or entity must be appointed with the carrier in the state where the application is taken.  Important: this also means the agency/entity must also be licensed in the state in which the application is taken.

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