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Opportunities and Freedom

Create Your Career Path

CPS Advantage is built on the idea that 1 Associate + 1 Associate = 3, 7 or more.  By aligning the professional ambitions of our Associates and Affiliates with our Financial Advisors’ priorities, we unlock synergy that increases the success for all!

1 + 1 = 3, 7 or More.  What’s Your Number?

Our firm’s two primary objectives are:

  • Make insurance sales super easy for Financial Advisors
  • Deliver ideas and resources to grow their insurance business

We thrive on contributing to the growth of our Financial Advisors’ insurance business, because that’s how we grow ours!

An association with CPS Advantage comes in many forms, is always remote, and stretches from coast to coast.  Students work with us internship style to gain real world professional experience; some of them have become company leaders.  Several moms with young children have joined us for the flexibility they have to design their work week.  Empty nesters have rekindled their careers and reached new professional peaks.

We have traditional part-time and full-time employees.  Others collaborate with us as independent contractors, or as affiliated entities, which can be separately or jointly owned.  What works best for you?  Let’s design it!

What’s your ideal professional arrangement?

Are you a curious person?  Do you enjoy encouraging others to reach their maximum potential?  Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset with the discipline to develop and complete tasks without much supervision?  If that’s you, let’s talk.  We are confident that, if you and we see a good fit, we can contribute to your professional success while you are free to structure your personal life in a way that works best for you.  Several ideas for association follow.  Many of us play more than one role.


You recruit Financial Advisors, producer groups, and insurance agencies by explaining how they and their clients will benefit from an association with CPS Advantage.  We’ll train you to become familiar with our unique products, services, and strategies.  Once you’re comfortable, you deploy social media and other resources to cultivate Financial Advisors.

Take a look around our website.  Can you see yourself telling our story with enthusiasm and scoring a high degree of success?

Marketing Representative

Teach Financial Advisors about new products, services, and strategies.  Increase their knowledge to make it easy for them to add clients, offer additional insurance solutions, and grow their income.  You also introduce them to intelligent underwriting strategies to minimize underwriting hassles for them and their clients.  They’ll love to hear about our Concierge Application Services!  Growth-focused Financial Advisors may also ask you to tell them more about our super efficient Client Acquisition System.  Teach them how they can arrange to have several new ideal prospects in their inbox, daily.  Help Financial Advisors grow their business, and they will help you grow yours!

Concierge Application Specialist

One of our two core value propositions is that we make insurance sales super easy for Financial Advisors.  Most of them are focused on managing their clients’ investments or other lines of insurance.  They do not want to deal with quirky life insurance applications, scheduling medicals, or ordering APS’.  Our Concierge Application Specialists complete these tasks on our Advisors’ behalf.

Case Design & Illustration Analyst

You utilize insurance company software to identify our industry’s top insurance solution(s), based on a proposed insured’s personal, business, or estate tax funding needs.  For larger cases, you summarize results with creative Excel-based layouts.  Each provides a simple overview of our industry’s top options.  Since accuracy is absolutely critical to our work, you will also cross-check Excel-based summaries prepared by others – before they are released to the Advisor.  Our thorough approach enables us to deliver consistently reliable results with near 100% accuracy.

Associate Brokerage General Agent

You recruit & manage local and regional Financial Advisors, Producer Groups, Agency Systems, RIAs, P&C Agencies, and Credit Unions.  They rely on you for advanced point-of-sale support. You educate your distribution partners about new products and tax strategies to drive organic growth in advanced markets.  Associate Brokerage General Agents have a significant Advisor following from their days as Career Agency Leaders, District Agents, Field Directors, Brokerage Directors, or Regional Managers.

Independent Financial Advisor

Are you tired of being forced to pay high rent for space you rarely occupy?  What about fees for phone systems you don’t use?  Are you still required to meet product-specific sales quotas to avoid comp cuts?

Do you prefer to have complete freedom to offer your clients our industry’s top solutions, without bias?  Do you want your freedom back? Join us as an Independent Financial Advisor.  It’s time to finally enjoy the freedom you envisioned when you came to our industry.

Prefer the synergy of a general agency setting, but without shackles?  Join one of our independent financial advisory agencies to gain access to their business development platforms and other shared resources.  Enjoy the benefits of affiliating with an agency – but without the constraints imposed by insurer-sponsored career agency systems.

Whether you prefer to grow on your own, or via affiliation with an independent agency system, you get to leverage our highly refined back office resources to your advantage. Working with CPS Advantage means more free time to play that extra round of golf – or catch that trophy fish.

Time for a Zoom?

Does any of the above appeal to you?  Let’s schedule a Zoom to play with ideas.  Tell us about your professional goals.  Maybe there is a way to align your vision of your ideal professional future with our vision of where CPS Advantage is going?  Let’s find out…

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