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The CPS Avantage

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effortless life insurance applications

We make life insurance sales so easy, you’ll want to do more!  All we need to know is what you and your client have decided to apply for, we take care of the rest.  Our friendly Concierge Application Specialists coordinate between insurance applicants, owners, and medical examiners (if required) to facilitate the smoothest possible application experience.  Our team of medical underwriting directors proactively review medical records and negotiate for the most favorable underwriting outcomes. You’re kept up to date at a frequency you prefer, all the way through to policy placement and commission release. From submission to commission, life insurance sales have never been easier.

Grow Your Business

Would you like to find several new ideal prospects in your inbox every morning?  What if you could set up a system to deliver this experience – in less than an hour?  Become client of CPS Advantage and you’ll learn how easy it has become to boost Al Granum’s legendary prospecting ratio of 10-3-1 to 50-20-10.  We teach you how you can easily identify and connect with thousands of ideal prospects – without cost.  Pull them into your sphere of influence.  Once there, our Wall Street Journal news notification service makes it super easy for you to turn prospects into clients with an efficiency unimaginable during Al’s time.  Leverage the CPS Advantage to your Advantage, starting today.

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underwriting exceptions

Deploy our underwriting resources and turn ratings and declines at conservative insurers turn into placeable risks, adding happy clients and increasing your income. With hundreds of cases in underwriting at any given time, our underwriting directors know who to lean on to push for case-winning exception.  You and your clients benefit from decades of experience and relationships developed through structuring some of the largest and most challenging risks ever written.  With several jumbo applications in underwriting at any time we have our fingers on the underwriting pulse of the industry.  Experience consistent, exceptional results with minimal effort on your part.

Client Acquisition system turns 10-3-1 into 50-20-10

Would you like to start every workday with several new ideal prospects in your inbox? Our Client Acquisition System has been deployed by hundreds of Financial Advisors.  They’ve leveraged Al Granum’s One Card System by skewing referral algorithms in their favor.  Ignite the growth of your practice by turning 10-3-1 into 50-20-10.  It’s FREE, easy to set up, takes minutes to master, and is fun to implement! Put your client acquisition strategy on steroids! Deploy our Client Acquisition System today and experience the first results – tomorrow!

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Open Giant Cases with Our Experts

Enjoy five, six, and sometimes seven figure commission drops by partnering with our well-known Experts.  Engage your ultra-high net worth business owner and executive clients with topics that are timely, interesting, & immediately relevant to them. Sit back and relax as our Experts create a vision of what’s possible.  Then watch them guide your clients toward scalable solutions that are just right for them. Earn significant revenue from business succession planning, executive benefits, estate tax funding, premium finance, Asset-Based LTC, and other niche markets with minimal effort on your part.

Connect with one of our Marketing Representatives and begin to leverage The CPS Advantage to YOUR Advantage today!
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