WSJ: The Moves Wealthy Families Are Making to Skirt Estate Taxes



How dynasty trusts can shield wealth before the Trump tax cuts expire


Who is Impacted?  


  • Tax payers with a net worth of $10M+ ($20M for married couples)


What’s Changing?


The estate tax exemption amount will likely drop to around $7M for single taxpayers, or $14M for married couples, on 01/01/26.  Taxpayers with a net worth of $10M+ are encouraged to review their estate plans now.  “We’re looking at a golden opportunity to make tax-free transfers.”


Sales Idea: Encourage wealthy clients and prospects to review their estate plan with you now.  Help them avoid “leaving a lot of tax savings on the table.”


  1. Selectively forward the article to appropriate clients and prospects and offer a complimentary estate plan review.

  2. Use the article’s social media button to post to your feed(s).  Invite readers to message you to schedule a complimentary financial checkup.

  3. Set a reminder to repost the article periodically to make sure most of your clients and prospects become aware of upcoming tax changes.



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