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Informal Business Valuations

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Uncovering business owner needs and starting the planning conversation is easy when you offer complimentary business planning services.  An informal business valuation makes for an excellent conversation starter. Which business owner does not want to know what their business is worth?  Open new doors to exciting sales.

  • Help business owners determine the current value of their business; this knowledge is foundational for several business planning needs
  • Valuations can be used to make intelligent decisions about retirement income planning, business succession planning, business protection and estate planning.

Informal business valuation reports include five commonly used valuation methodologies.  Our carrier partner’s attorneys, CPAs, and advanced sales consultants stand by to partner with you and your clients before, during, and after plan implementation.

Key Benefits of Offering Informal Business Valuations to Business Owners

  • Informal business valuations serve as great door-openers that can lead to life and disability insurance sales.
  • Reports include five commonly used valuation methodologies; download a Sample Informal Business Valuation Report.
  • Presentations are prepared by CPAs, attorneys and senior consultants from our carrier’s advanced business solutions team.  Advanced business sales support is provided before, during, and after the sale for the long term.
  • They stand by to talk with you and your business owner clients to facilitate intelligent decisions about retirement income strategies, business continuation/succession planning, income protection, business protection and estate planning.
  • Business insurance policies are assigned to a Business Markets Administrator who provides post-issue administrative support services.
  • Business owners have access to online reports, including policy and list billing reports.
  • Financial Advisors are supported with pre-approach emails and a suite of business development resources.

Which of your business owner clients or prospects would benefit from an informal business valuation?  Let’s schedule a Zoom to explore what approach might work best.  Contact your Marketing Representative or send us an email and we’ll call you back to schedule a meeting.

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