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Welcome to CPS Advantage’s Partnership Platform!
  • We’re a Boutique Brokerage General Agency
  • We Serve Experienced Life Insurance Producers
  • Executive Life Underwriting – $100M+ Exam & Lab-Free
  • Customized Advanced Case Designs
  • Extremely Detail Oriented
  • Team of Experienced Medical Underwriting Directors
  • Jumbo Case Direct / Auto-bind / Reinsurance Coordination
  • Personalized Updates via Phone / Text / Message / Email

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Our Expertise

With decades of industry presence, CPS Advantage is the trusted partner for countless professionals. Our unrivaled expertise ensures you’re always a step ahead in the insurance landscape.

Your Benefits

From growth opportunities and seamless business processes to rich educational content and lucrative financial incentives, the benefits of partnering with CPS Advantage are manifold.


“CPS Advantage provides the most personalized service among the elite Brokerage General Agencies.  I know, at all times, what’s being done to nudge along my cases daily.” – Dave M., Financial Advisor, Palm Springs 10/09/2023

“CPS Advantage is a boutique Agency that values the personal touch.  Key team members can be easily reached by phone, text, email, or Zoom.  They are super responsive with bespoke case design layouts not available elsewhere.” – Tom L., Financial Advisor, Kansas City 09/13/2022

“Thank you for your regular delivery of new, insurance-friendly articles from the Wall Street Journal.  You make it so easy for me to forward ideas to my clients and prospects to start fresh conversations about topics that are relevant to them.” – Kevin B., Albuquerque, 03/17/2023

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