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Al Granum's Portrait as he discussed Client Builder and his One Card System

al granum – Leverage 10-3-1

Al Granum’s legendary Client Builder and One Card System is recognized as the foundation upon which Financial Advisors have built their practices since the 1960s.  Modern technology now enables us to leverage 10-3-1 into 50-20-10.  Thank you, Al Granum, for having laid the foundation upon which we can now deploy technology to achieve significantly increased success, in less time, and at a much lower cost!

Today, in just a few minutes, Financial Advisors can easily identify thousands ideal prospects, for free!  It then takes seconds to send the most promising ones a short, targeted message, inviting them into the Advisor’s network.  About a third will show interest, enabling the Advisor to deliver highly personalized relevant content, sequentially, turning prospects into clients with an efficiency unimaginable during Al’s time.  

Over the years, working with Financial Advisors on their LinkedIn client acquisition strategies, we’ve learned how to integrate Al’s original ideas with modern marketing concepts taught by Tom Lipscomb, Seth Godin, among others.  If you are focused on growth, would like to gain painless access to several ideal fresh prospects daily, and convert a high percentage of them into clients quickly, consider implementing the ideas discussed in the articles below.

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