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Add interesting clients, boost your placement ratio to near 100%, and increase your average case size by inviting an Expert to engage with your ultra-high net-worth business owners and executives.  Learn from the best in the business as they guide your most important clients from ideas to action with our industry’s best-fit solutions.  Experts are available for consultation & collaboration on a joint work basis negotiated by you with them.


Alex Schneider

LTC Solutions

Alex offers to work with your clients in their 50s to early 70s to show them how they can take advantage of recent changes in the tax code to finance their long-term care needs in a tax-efficient manner.  Learn more.


Byron McFarland

Business Insurance

Byron offers to strategize with your most successful business owner clients on how they can prepare for their final test of greatness, arranging for a smooth ownership transition with favorable terms for all stakeholders. Learn more.

David Tuason

Premium Finance

David helps you overcome challenges posed by six and seven-figure premiums required to fund very large life insurance policies in personal, business, and estate tax funding settings. Learn more.


Tom Lipscomb

Estate Tax Funding

Tom teaches you and your high net-worth clients how they can deploy life insurance to reduce or eliminate the impact of death taxes. Introduce Tom to your clients who love their families and hate paying confiscatory taxes. Learn more.

Tom Lipscomb

Creative Partners

The logo for Apis Productions

Apis Productions

Apis Productions designs stunning websites, branded marketing strategies, and custom applications for the wealth and insurance industries.  We define success as helping you stand out among your peers, elevating your standing with your clients, and amplifying your voice in the market.  Learn more.

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